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TMJ – Management

Course Date

Start: 21-11-2023 @

End: 31-12-2024 @

Course Location

37A Casuarina Drive
Parafield Gardens

Course Description

Webinar/Seminar Contents

A significant number of the population suffer from some version of TMD and could inadvertently develop instability and chronicity. Many undergraduate chiropractic programs provide only a basic understanding of the approaches and assessments to effectively manage TMJ issues. One outcome of these webinar/seminars is to provide a greater degree of confidence on how to examine and assess TMJ conditions, either in isolation or best, in conjunction with other health disciplines.

The introductory seminar will review of anatomy, biomechanics, examination procedures (observation and postural inspection), differentiating TMJ conditions. The management seminar will cover mobilizations, adjustments, and recommended homecare and/or co-management with dentists.


Course Credits


Course Contact

If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the course provider.

David W Hannah