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The Royal College of Chiropractors – CPD Event – Best Practice Scoliosis Management

Course Date

Start: 05-06-2024 @ 7:00 pm

End: 05-06-2024 @ 8:00 pm

Course Location

Chiltern House
Henley on Thames
United Kingdom

Course Description

Event Outline 

Join us for a one-hour webinar to update your clinical knowledge and understanding of best practice management options for diagnosing and treating scoliosis.

The event will provide Chiropractors with the latest evidenced-based information on scoliosis screening methods, effective diagnosis techniques as well as non-surgical management options related to early intervention, bracing and rehabilitation.

Importantly this webinar will help define the role of the Chiropractor in the healthcare community with a focus on when chiropractic management and treatment are appropriate to when collaboration and co-management are the best option.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to accurately perform a scoliosis screening consistent with the 2015 SRS guidelines
  • Differentiate between scoliotic and non-scoliotic postural deviations
  • Understand the keys to an effective clinical examination including specific neurological and orthopaedic tests that are important for pathological screening in scoliosis
  • Differentiate between the treatment and management options for children and adults, including custom scoliosis bracing and scoliosis specific rehabilitation protocol
  • Identify the role of chiropractic and multidisciplinary care in scoliosis management, highlighting the benefits of early referral and co-management options

Speaker – Dr Jeb McAviney

Dr. Jeb McAviney is a chiropractor with special expertise in the clinical management of spinal deformities namely scoliosis and hyperkyphosis. He holds both a Master of Chiropractic and a Master of Pain Medicine, and has completed the World Masters in Scoliosis Management via

ISICO of which he is now a faculty member. Over the past decade, he has dedicated himself to studying the numerous scoliosis rehabilitation and bracing techniques from around the world which has led to him developing ScoliBalance®, which is a scoliosis specific rehabilitation technique, and ScoliBrace®, which is a 3D over-corrective brace that uses the chiropractic principles of mirror image correction to achieve the best outcome for scoliosis patients.

Dr. McAviney is an internationally recognised speaker, presenting at chiropractic, medical, scientific, and orthotic conferences in over 17 countries. In 2022 Dr. McAviney was one of the keynote speakers for the Society of Scoliosis and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (SOSORT)

educational course on adult scoliosis and in May 2023 he was the local host for the SOSORT conference at SpineWeek. In October 2023, Dr. McAviney was a keynote speaker at the World Federation of Chiropractic Biennial Conference. Dr. McAviney has published research in the field of scoliosis, cervical spine pain and biomechanics, and in vivo biomechanics for surgical

implant testing. His research is published in the European Spine Journal, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, the Journal of Medical Case Reports, Clinical Biomechanics, and the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapies. He has presented research at the SOSORT, Scoliosis Research Society (SRS), IMAST, International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine (ISSLS), International Congress of Lumbopelvic and Lower Back Pain and The World Federation of

Chiropractic Congress. He is also an active member of SOSORT, The Spine Society of Australia, the Australian Chiropractic Association and The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM). Dr. McAviney is part of the society’s scientific committee and is a reviewer and on the associate editorial board of the European Spine Journal. Dr. McAviney is the founder and CEO of ScoliCare. ScoliCare is dedicated to pioneering and delivering the world’s best scoliosis treatment through innovation, education and patient-centered care. With six clinics in Australia and four in the USA, ScoliCare also has over 200 ScoliBrace® and ScoliBalance® Providers around the world.

Chair – Monica Handa FRCC, MRCC (Ortho)

Non-Members: £35. Please register and pay online here

Closing date – Wednesday 5th June 2024, 5pm


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