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The ‘Dissection Connection’: Is this patient having a stroke? – 2-hour E-Seminar presented by Dr. Shawn Thistle (RRS Education)

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Start: 19-12-2023 @

End: 01-01-2025 @

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Finally, a contemporary discussion about this controversial topic based on evidence and practice realities! Chiropractors should employ a high level of clinical suspicion in certain neck pain and headache patients who may be experiencing a prodrome or overt clinical manifestation of a cervical artery stroke. Protect your patients and insulate yourself and your practice from legal issues by reviewing and implementing best practices throughout the clinical encounter!


  • Explore the relevant areas of scientific study pertaining to the relationship between neck manipulation and cervical artery stroke
  • Summarize key clinical signs and symptoms that may indicate a cervical artery stroke in progress
  • Describe the HINTS examination for acute vestibular syndrome patients
  • Integrate best practices into your clinical approach for ruling out emergent stroke in neck pain and headache patients

In this NEW E-Seminar, Dr. Thistle will help you integrate recent evidence and best practices into your patient care with his entertaining, clinically applicable style of speaking.

This informative E-Seminar will sharpen your clinical thought-process, enhance your diagnostic accuracy, raise your confidence, assist in insulating you from legal issues and improve outcomes for your patients!

Benefits of this new format:
* Complete at your own pace from the comfort of home or office
* Get caught up on new research and integrate it into your patient care
* Helpful tips and techniques for Monday morning
* Interactive quizzes & case vignette
* Useful clinical tools & resources

PRICE: $99


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If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the course provider.

Dr. Shawn Thistle