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RRS Education Online Courses 8-Hour Bundle #18

Course Date

Start: 1st February 2023
End: 1st February 2024

Course Location

Online, Canada

Course Description

RRS Education BUNDLE #18 ($139.95)

Further information can be found at 

Courses Contained in this BUNDLE:

Chiropractic & Healthy Aging 101

Clinical Considerations for Younger Patients 101

Spinal Manipulation 107: Research Updates

Low Back Pain: Clinical Factors 101

Neck Pain 103: Assessment, ‘Text Neck’ & Forward Head Posture

Wrist & Hand 101: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Thumb OA

Sports Medicine 109: Clinical Miscellaneous

Low Back Pain: Treatment Updates 101

Instructor: Dr. Shawn Thistle


Completing Courses & Getting Your Certificates

  1. Log In and go to the E-Learning Menu tab and choose ‘MY COURSES’ under that tab.
  2. Click on the course title to enter the course-ware work space and proceed through each lesson page using the navigation at the bottom of the lesson page.
Complete the Multiple Choice Quiz for the course. NOTE: A score of 100% is required to be issued with a certificate. You can repeat the quiz if necessary – there is no limit to the number of times you can take the quiz.
  4. Click on SUBMIT & FINISH. The next box shows you the quiz and at the top it shows if you achieved 100% and if not it will indicate which answers were incorrect. To redo the quiz you need to click on ‘Reattempt The Quiz’ at the bottom
  5. Do the quiz again to correct any questions and click on SUBMIT & FINISH again.
  6. Certificates can be downloaded after Quiz completion. NOTE: The system takes up to 5 min. to process the certificate for download so it may not generate immediately with a completion date on it. You can also go to the MY CERTIFICATES link in the top menu of the course-ware workspace and download it at any time.
NOTE: Use the navigation system at the bottom of each page to proceed through the course and Quiz.


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Dr. Shawn Thistle

Course Contact Email

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