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Posture & Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Motor Control Exercise | Online

Course Date

Start: 09-10-2024 @

End: 31-12-2026 @

Course Location | Online
3000 Old Alabama Road, Suite 119-352

Course Description

Posture and Balance Assessment, Rehabilitation & Motor Control Exercise integrates clinical strategies for passive therapies with active strategies for functionally strengthening posture. Systematic protocols for building personal awareness are integrated with exercises to strengthen standing Balance, static Alignment and dynamic Motion. Three eponymous tracks of tightly defined exercises systematically progress the person to more accurately connect their body perception and motion to objective reality. Patient-friendly concepts of postural bio-mechanics use 5 common-sense principles, and are presented along with each exercise for congruent patient education towards understanding and adopting intelligent postural habits.

The course presents engaging lecture videos, animations and detailed focused motion exercise videos using balls, bands, foam pads and other low-tech tools to teach clinicians to progress patients from acute care (passive therapy + posture awareness) through rehab care (less passive therapy + increasing active rehab care exercises to train posture control) and onto wellness (daily posture exercises combined with passive therapy as appropriate to maximize the bio-mechanic benefits of other exercise and ADLs).

The Goal: Helping people move well, avoid micro- and macro-trauma injury, optimize performance and promote healthy choices to optimize bio-mechanic wellness.

Functionally strengthening posture means observing and then correcting sensorimotor errors between perceived posture and motion and external reality. Systematically retraining granular motion and whole body compensatory and adaptive patterns towards accuracy is an important yet often overlooked factor in clinical NMS practices.

Attendees learn to individualize exercises for patient symptoms, syndromes and ability to train towards normalizing bio-mechanics despite adverse daily postural habits. From building awareness with a digital photo to empowering people to find their strongest, core-engaged posture and literally stand taller, attendees will learn the keys to building a wellness identity as specializing in posture.

Dr. Steven WeinigerCourse Instructor

Dr. Steven Weiniger, has trained thousands of practitioners internationally to first rehab injuries and then help keep patients moving well with StrongPosture® rehab protocols.

Dr. Weiniger is the author of Stand Taller Live Longer, Posture Pictures, and the postural assessment chapter in Photographic Manual of Regional Orthopaedic and Neurologic Tests and founded the advanced posture specialist certification, Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP®), setting a clinical standard for posture improvement.

In an initiative to promote posture awareness he spearheads the annual campaign.


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Steven Weiniger, DC, DIANM