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Osteoporosis – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Strategies | Online

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Start: 01-08-2024 @

End: 31-12-2026 @

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3000 Old Alabama Road Suite 119-352

Course Description

Osteoporosis, a progressive bone disease affecting millions globally, increases fracture risk and impairs quality of life. This comprehensive 8-hour course immerses participants in the multifaceted nature of osteoporosis, equipping chiropractors with the knowledge and skills to accurately diagnose, manage, and when appropriate, treat this condition.

Through insightful lectures and case studies, participants will gain a thorough understanding of osteoporosis prevalence, risk factors, and underlying causes. The course explores advanced diagnostic techniques, including bone densitometry, trabecular bone score, FRAX assessment, and laboratory interpretations, enabling precise evaluation and monitoring of bone health.

Participants will navigate the intricate web of osteoporosis treatment options, encompassing medications, natural compounds, dietary interventions, and targeted exercises. Real-world case studies will reinforce the proper application of diagnostics and treatment strategies, ensuring a patient-centered approach to care.

This course is designed to be highly relevant to patient care and clinical chiropractic practice, empowering healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and evidence-based management of osteoporosis.

InstructorDr. Alan Cook

Alan Cook DC graduated cum laude from Western States. He has been a postgraduate lecturer for Palmer West, Parker, and Life Chiropractic Colleges in addition to speaking at several state conventions. Dr. Cook has written numerous articles for publication on topics ranging from: The Healing Benefits of Laughter to articles on NSAIDs and on Osteoporosis.


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Alan Cook, DC