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Chiropractic ‘Checkup from the Neck Up’ – 8-hour E-Seminar presented by Dr. Shawn Thistle (RRS Education)

Course Date

Start: 19-12-2023 @

End: 01-01-2025 @

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Course Description

RRS Education’s first on-demand E-Seminar…8 hours of evidence-based, clinically-relevant CPD!

Chiropractors are optimally positioned to assess, diagnose and manage many conditions that affect patients ‘from the neck up’. Neck pain, headache and dizziness are ubiquitous, but not all cases are simple and predictable. Add recent or prior concussion to the mix and things can get complicated! Multimorbid or complex cases are challenging – no matter the patient’s age – and deserve a carefully-crafted clinical approach, from relevant history taking to contextual examination and successful, safe management.

In this NEW E-Seminar, Dr. Thistle will help you integrate recent evidence and best practices into your patient care with his entertaining, clinically applicable style of speaking.

Topics include:

  • Headache and dizziness/vertigo differential diagnosis and assessment
  • Concussion assessment and management
  • Ruling out potential emergent stroke in your neck pain/headache patients
  • Integration of manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation and other ‘from the neck up’ techniques for your patients

This informative E-Seminar will sharpen your clinical thought-process, enhance your diagnostic accuracy, raise your confidence, assist in insulating you from legal issues and improve outcomes for your patients!

Benefits of this new format:

  • Complete at your own pace from the comfort of home or office
  • Get caught up on new research and integrate it into your patient care
  • Helpful tips and techniques for Monday morning
  • Interactive quizzes & case vignettes
  • Useful clinical tools & resources

PRICE: $399.99


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If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the course provider.

Dr. Shawn Thistle