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Ancillary Adjustments with Muscle Testing

Course Date

Start: 20-04-2024 @ 9:00 am

End: 20-04-2024 @ 6:00 pm

Course Location

The Social Hub
Wibautstraat 129
1091 GL

Course Description

Ancillary – providing necessary support to the primary operation of a system

  • Ancillary chiropractic adjustments include extremities and other supportive adjustments.
  • This seminar examines the biomechanics and common patterns of neurological inhibition in upper and lower extremities and ancillary areas.
  • AK muscle testing (functional neurology) will be introduced.
  • AK muscle tests are a natural fit with ancillary adjusting.
  • This seminar shows you the powerful synergy in combining these 2 great techniques
  • Course Details

    Ancillary conditions are commonly misdiagnosed. Some examples of ancillary adjustments:
    • Elevated Rib Cage
    • Slipped bicipital tendon
    • Origin/insertion problems
    • Functional Spondylolisthesis
    • Meralgia Paresthetica
    • Hiatal (Diaphragmatic) Hernia
    • Diaphragmatic inhibition
    • Neurological inhibition caused by scars, piercings, and injuries


    • To learn how to muscle-test and correct extremities and other ancillary conditions with high confidence following AK principles
    • To learn how to find the priority quicklty using these tests
    • To learn how to confirm that the correction worked and how to show that to the patient
    • To learn how to use muscle testing diagnostic techniques with any adjusting technique
    • To learn how to improve confidence and patient compliance no matter your style of adjusting


    • Participation in this seminar is limited to 24 students for maximum individual attention.
    • Each hour is about 15 minutes of instruction, 45 minutes of practice.
    • Participants will practice testing each other in a rotating fashion with coaching from the instructor.
    • Adjustments will be done after everyone has been tested.
    • Bring your portable tables!

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Course Contact

If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the course provider.

James Glenn Drewry