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Active Release Techniques® Upper Extremity Level 1 – Amsterdam, NL

Course Date

Start: 16-02-2024 @ 7:30 am

End: 18-02-2024 @ 12:00 pm

Course Location

Art of Physio Offices
Zomerdijk 31

Course Description

The Active Release Techniques® treatment system is specifically engineered to locate and treat soft-tissue dysfunction through hands-on, manual protocols specific to individual soft-tissue structures. ART treatment utilizes palpation to accurately recognize alterations in tissue texture, tension, movement, and function, allowing for identification of and treatment at the sources of dysfunction.

ART Upper Extremity Level 1 provides evidence-based instruction of the necessary skills to detect and treat soft-tissue anomalies and dysfunctions of the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, and the surrounding structures. Throughout the seminar, attendees review the muscle and soft-tissue structures of the upper extremities, and how to evaluate and appropriately treat the disorders using the ART Diagnostic Algorithm and 59 manual protocols. Upper Extremity Level 1 techniques can be used to treat a broad list of dysfunctions, including frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and other soft-tissue dysfunctions.

ART seminars provide a hybrid learning model with online modules and in-person training. Included with registration is access to our learning management system, the ARTMan app, and a physical manual, which provide a thorough review of gross anatomy, the ART Diagnostic Algorithm, treatment methodology, and protocol instructions. Curriculum materials are designed to prepare attendees for in-person training where they will practice ART protocols on instructors and receive immediate feedback. Attendees have the best chance for successful completion of a seminar if they register for in-person training 4-6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) in advance, allowing for thorough comprehension of online modules and completion of the pre-credentialing exam.

Student-to-Instructor ratios are kept low to ensure individualized instruction and personalized feedback on skills. During the seminar, attendees work alongside instructors and other attendees to practice palpation and treatment protocols.

After completing the online modules and 16 hours of in-person training, attendees will demonstrate their skills through a practical exam to determine if they meet minimum requirements to use ART treatment in a clinical setting. Exam results are communicated to attendees no later than 72 hours from last exam. As soon as attendees receive confirmation of certification, they may begin marketing themselves as an ART Certified Provider and helping their patients feel better faster with the Gold Standard in Soft-Tissue Care™.


  • By the end of the seminar, the provider will be able to effectively palpate and treat 59 anatomical soft-tissue structures within the upper extremity, using appropriate tension, depth, and motion to properly perform the treatment protocols.
  • By the end of the seminar, the provider will be able to correctly move the muscle from its shortened position to elongated position.
  • By the end of the seminar, the provider can successfully differentiate between healthy and unhealthy tissue utilizing hands-on palpation techniques.


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Course Contact

If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the course provider.

Jim Macrae