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Activator Methods Basic Course – Milan, Italy

Course Date

Start: 18-11-2023 @ 10:00 am

End: 19-11-2023 @ 1:00 pm

Course Location

CityLife Chiropractic
Galleria Anna Castelli Ferrieri

Course Description

This course is where those new to the Activator Method® will learn the basics and how to treat the majority of musculoskeletal conditions. Attendants will learn about the history of the Activator Method Technique and the Activator Adjusting Instruments. Followed up with the basis of the Activator Method Technique, the Leg Length Analysis. This analysis will help teach you where to adjust, when to apply the treatment, and when to stop adjusting. This course will teach attendants to adjust from the feet to the cervical vertebrae & occiput. Once you complete this course, you become eligible to take the practical exam to become Activator Proficiency Rated.

The instrument-assisted manipulative treatment (IAMT) is taught together with the limitations of the method and the current evidence available for this therapeutical approach.

The instructor is Ricardo Fujikawa, MD, DC, MSc; who is a licensed physician in Spain and a fully qualified chiropractor. He holds the instructor certification with the Activator Methods International, Phoenix (AZ). He has 20 years of experience in medical education, being a former faculty member at the Palmer College of Chiropractic (USA), Feevale University (Brasil), RCU Maria Cristina (Spain), and he is current an part-time faculty at the Southern California University of Health Sciences (USA), and a Senior Lecturer at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic – Madrid Campus. He was a PhD student at the Biomechanics Department of the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and is involved in Basic Science Research with the Activator instrument and publishing as a co-author of articles related to Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis response to IAMT.


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Course Contact

If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the course provider.

Antonio Gil