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12/12/2023 7 – 9 PM CT Webinar Chiropractic CEU Online Ethics 301 – Enhancing Clinical Outcomes and Relationships

Course Date

Start: 12-12-2023 @ 7:00 pm

End: 12-12-2023 @ 9:00 pm

Course Location

Online |
805 Austin Acres
Sulphur Springs
United States

Course Description

Online Course Format:  Live Webinar
Course Tuition:   $59.00
Credit Hours ( CE ):  2
Contributor:  Monte Horne, DC
Seats Still Available:  82
Date & Time :
Start:  December 12, 2023  7:00 pm
End:  December 12, 2023  9:00 pm
* Central Time Zone
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Course Description:

In the dynamic field of chiropractic care, the application of high ethical standards is of utmost importance. This course delves into the fundamental principles of ethics and bioethics, providing you with essential tools to integrate ethical practices into your chiropractic career and personal life. Led by the renowned Monte Horne, DC, this comprehensive webinar covers ethics as it pertains to your chiropractic practice, staff interactions, and personal relationships.

phot of Dr. Monte Horne

Dr. Monte Horne

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Ethics and Bioethics: Understand the core concepts of ethics and its significance in the chiropractic profession, as well as the broader context of bioethics.
  2. Code of Ethics: Explore the chiropractic code of ethics and learn how to apply it in your daily practice to maintain professionalism and integrity.
  3. Ethics as Applied to Staffing: Learn how to foster an ethical work environment and establish strong relationships with your staff for improved teamwork and patient care.
  4. Ethics as Applied to Clinical Practice: Discover how ethical decision-making can positively influence clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply ethics to your chiropractic clinical practice, promoting trust and respect with patients.
  • Explain the ethical considerations relevant to office administration, optimizing the efficiency of your practice.


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Course Contact

If you are interested in taking this course, please contact the course provider.

Monte Horne, DC