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Postgraduate Education ‘Graduate & Specialty Training’

National GEP Representatives
GEP European Coordinator – Michael Vaarst  Email:
Swiss Academy for Chiropractic
Royal College of Chiropractors (UK)

Post-graduate Education

AECC Advanced Professional Practice AECC University College
Chiropractic Knowledge Hub (Kiropraktorernes Videnscenter)

Chiropractors with advanced MSc or PhD in all related health sciences, such as sports or public health, are eligible to apply for Fellowship (to do so register for an account). Below are examples of advanced post-graduate education that qualifies for Fellowship (the list is not exhaustive):

MSc Advanced Professional Practice (APP) Clinical Sciences, AECC University College
MSc APP Functional Musculoskeletal Health, AECC University College
MSc APP Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health, AECC University College
MSc Medical Ultrasound, AECC University College
MSc Medical Education, Dundee
MSc Medical Education, Bern
MSc Health Education, Maastricht
MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care, Oxford University
MSc Research in Health Practice, Bath
MSc Advanced Musculoskeletal Research and Practice, University of East Anglia
MSc Neurosciences, VU University Amsterdam
MSc in the Clinical Management of Pain, Edinburgh

MSc APP Musculoskeletal Neuroscience* AECC University College *Starting October 2018

CPD ‘Lifelong Learning’

EAC Seminar & Conference Calendar

Other Links

AMEE – Association of Medical Education Europe
CECE – The Consortium of Chiropractic Educators
CEN/TC394 – Project Comittee – Services of Chiropractors
ECCE – European Council On Chiropractic Education
West Hartford Group