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So says the ECU President, Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos, in the next edition of BACKspace to be published later this month.

‘The well-established “ECU roots” have fed the achievement of political, educational and research milestones in European nations that are currently reaping the fruits of investment in a vigorous profession. And that is what we are still successfully doing when, for example, the ECU provided a European shield against a malicious attack on the profession in Spain recently, only for the Spanish association to go on the offense straight afterwards and secure a great win with the abolition of liability for VAT on chiropractic care, following on from the victorious campaign led by the Belgian Chiropractors’ Union .’

Following a new strategy to develop a profession that provides Accessible, Affordable, and Appropriate care for MSK health: ECU AAA,  the rewards of being a pioneer include being seen to break new ground and to chart a path that others can follow; being looked up to and emulated.  But a well-known lesson is that staying at the top is hard.

If we make the mistake of cutting ourselves off  from one another the profession  will start losing battles, perhaps first in the countries where it is less developed, but that in turn will very soon reach the backyard of the next group of countries, by which time it will be too late to react.

Read the full statement here: the dangers of isolation