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World Spine Day 2019

Today is World Spine Day. All over Europe and beyond chiropractors are leading the way and showing their innovative and inventive prowess to raise awareness of the importance of MSK health, conscious that disability from low back pain is greater than lung, bowel and breast cancer combined.

One in five European citizens suffer chronic pain, with the most common source the back, affecting all age groups. Yet many treatments are wasteful and unnecessary. Chiropractic care is universally recommended in evidence-based guidelines, including advice on how to remain active and at work despite MSK problems.

Poor musculoskeletal health is a threat to a sustainable society because it threatens life quality. Whereas regular chiropractic treatment has been shown to result in fewer days with bothersome pain, compared to waiting to receive treatment only after symptoms arise. Preventive care includes discussion of all health problems as well as advice on exercise, ergonomics and lifestyle.

And the message is not just for today. It will be as resonant tomorrow, next week and next year.