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What will you learn at EPIC2019? #3 Empathy: Jeremy Howick

Oxford philosopher and medical researcher Dr Jeremy Howick is the Director of the Oxford Empathy Programme at the University of Oxford. He was recently awarded the British Medical Association Dawkins and Strutt Award to pursue research on the health benefits of empathetic care. Dr Howick’s keynote address, We’re All In This Together: How Empathy Is The New Medication will be delivered on Thursday, 21 March.

Dr Howick is the author of Dr You (2017), a book based on his own experience. The book focuses on the issue of how body and mind interact to affect health and wellbeing. It challenges old habits of thinking and promises new ways of exploring what it means to live an integrated life.

He has conducted groundbreaking research about placebos and why we need unbiased experiments. He has degrees from Dartmouth College, the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford. His textbook, The Philosophy of Evidence-Based Medicine spearheaded a new sub-discipline. He collaborates about placebo treatments and the need for rigorous evidence with the National Institutes of Health Research in the UK, the Canada Institutes of Health Research and Harvard University.

He has won three teaching awards, appears regularly on television and writes for The Times and The Huffington Post. He is currently working on a mega-study on the benefits of doctor empathy.

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