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What will you learn at EPIC2019? #2 Rules for collaboration: Joy D Doll

Learn the golden rules for interprofessional collaboration.

Professor Joy Doll, an accomplished TEDx speaker and winner of the 2018 American Occupational Therapy Interprofessional Collaboration Award, will deliver a keynote address at EPIC2019, the joint WFC/ECU Congress in Berlin, 20 – 23 March 2019.

As Associate Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy, Dr Doll is at the helm of innovative clinical care at Creighton University, Nebraska, USA as the Executive Director of the Center for Interprofessional Practice,  Education and Research. Creighton is one of the first in the nation to provide interprofessional education – a team-based approach to care drawing upon the shared knowledge of health care professionals to deliver better patient care. She will deliver her address to EPIC2019, Golden Rules for Interprofessional Collaboration, on Friday, 22 March.

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