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What will you learn at EPIC 2019? #4 About your professional opportunities resulting from The Lancet recommendations

Professor in the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics and Head of the Research Unit at the University of Southern Denmark, Jan Hartvigsen will present Lessons from The Lancet: Our Great Global Opportunity on Thursday, 21 March.

Jan is one of the most published chiropractors on the planet. He has been deeply involved in the development of national guidelines on the management of low back pain and appears frequently in the media as a commentator and expert.

In 2018, his work, alongside a team of world-class researchers, was published in The Lancet as part of a series of papers on low back pain. The Low Back Pain Series attracted huge international media interest, including over 15 million Tweets. The recommendations were highly favourable to spinal health professionals engaged in non-drug, non-surgical management of back pain. For chiropractors, The Lancet series has been described as chiropractic’s greatest global opportunity.

Visit the deep messages of The Lancet articles. Jan will go behind the façade of glorious opportunity to spell out what clinicians can do and ought to do to use the messages to their professional advantage.

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