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A sixth female member of the General Council

On Saturday 25 November the British Chiropractic Association elected a new President, Catherine Quinn. She joins five other female members around the General Council table (ECU Vice President Vivian Kil, Lone Kousgaard Joergensen of Denmark, Gerly Truuväärt of Estonia, Gitte Tønner of the Netherlands and Priska Haueter of Switzerland).

Speaking shortly after her election, Catherine said: ‘Our profession is at a turning point. Chiropractic was founded by one of the greatest innovators of his time and as healthcare professionals, we have a responsibility to be lifelong learners, using the best available evidence to guide our decision making. By continuing to evolve as a profession, gaining and using knowledge, we in turn gain the power to influence the huge burden that MSK conditions place on society.’

‘My involvement with the ECU over the past few years has demonstrated to me the huge importance of their work in developing the profession in Europe. For me, the ECU represents the strength of acting together and integrating. As representative of the largest and one of the founder members of the ECU, I am looking forward to active participation in the deliberations of the General Council and ensuring that the BCA membership understands and embraces the value to be gained from such a union.’

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