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Why do Headaches and Migraines Increase in Frequency? Dr Jake Cooke Webinar

Course Date

Start: 22nd March 2023
End: 22nd March 2023

Course Location

Online, England

Course Description

Headaches and migraines are a major cause of pain and disability. Some people will experience a headache most days of the month. Others will experience a migraine every other day, making even the simplest of tasks impossible.

Understanding why headaches progress in frequency and severity is crucial to their management. Non-Thermal Laser can play a vital role in reducing their impact and reducing their frequency.


Learning outcomes:

– How do define episodic vs chronic migraine.

– What are the risk factors in headache progression.

– Physiological changes between episodic and chronic migraine.

–  How to use Non-Thermal Laser therapy to reduce severity and frequency.


Dr Jake Cooke, MChiro, DACNB, graduated from the AECC in 2009 and passed the American Chiropractic Neurology Board exams in 2014. He’s currently undertaking a masters in MSK neuroscience and recently opened his own clinic in Woking, Surrey, which focuses on patients with chronic pain or dizziness.


Jake has been teaching seminars in the UK and Europe since 2015, and has spoken at the BCA and ECU conferences. He fervently believes that neuroscience helps us to understand and explain what our patients are experiencing and how to help them. Neurology lies at the heart of movement, balance, posture and pain. Understanding it can be the key to a great outcome and explain why a patient’s symptoms haven’t already resolved. Neurology doesn’t need to a dreaded subject, full of hard to read and remember words and pathways. It can be taught in way that is logical, easy to learn and apply.


You can follow Jake at, where he regularly uploads videos and case presentations. If you have any questions or would like to contact him, you can reach him at

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