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Webinar – Functional Neurology: Principles and clinical applications

Course Date

Start: 22nd November 2021 @ 21:00pm
End: 22nd November 2021 @ 22:30pm

Course Location

Associazione Italiana Chiropratici
online, ROMA, Italy


Course Description

Speaker: Dr. Luca Vannetiello, D.C., MD

Functional Neurology is a paradigm, a prospective to comprehend and to cure the Central Nervous System.

The premise is: the brain is a receiver and a transmitter.

Receive multi-modal stimuli, like touch, light, sound etc.

Transmits movement; transmits motor responses. All the stimuli are transient, on/off. With the exception of just one. Gravity.

Consequently the CNS can be examined and understood through the motor responses to external stimuli. The functional neurological paradigm and the clinical neuroscience allow for the definition of specific rehabilitation protocols.

Rehabilitation strategies include, ocular exercises, head/eye coordination, electrical somatosensory stimulation.



Scientific principles will be explored and clinical application will be demonstrated.


To provide attendees a framework of clinical reasoning from a neurological prospective.


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Associazione Italiana Chiropratici

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