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Using Low-Level-Laser Therapy in Integrative Neurology Webinar

Course Date

Start: 15th July 2020 @ 16:00pm
End: 15th July 2020 @ 17:30pm

Course Location

Webinar on line
Erchonia Lasers Ltd Howbery business Park, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England

OX10 8BA

Course Description

Presented by: Dr Trevor Berry,  Dr Jake Cooke, Mr Robert Sullivan, & Mrs Sanna Holmgren
Wednesday 15th July 2020 @ 4:00pm – 5:30pm BST

Erchonia have run a plethora of educational lectures and workshops in recent months in an effort to explain Low Level Lasers in better detail, and their multiple uses, including electromagnetic energy transfer via the Erchonia range of low level lasers.  In this webinar, we welcome questions in relation to ‘Using Low-Level-Laser Therapy in Integrative Neurology’.  Let us share the experiences from the expert panel talking about combining non-thermal low level laser in with your current treatment programme, with a special mention to the following:

Brain Inflammation             Brain Barrier Systems             Neurodegeneration              Neurochemistry 

                                Brain/concussion            Battle against Opiods           Neuro Pre-hab

                                                                               Brain-based Pain Management

Discover how non-thermal low-level lasers can help normal adaptive physiology and how to integrate
low-level laser technology (3LT®) in to your neurological practice

In this webinar, talk to the experts live on video feed from Scottsdale, Surrey, County Cork and Falun (Sweden) .    Ask the panel anything you want from what you have seen, and what you haven’t, they are at your beck and call!   Transform outdated thinking on laser therapy and keep ‘defying the dogma’, our patients deserve the best!


There are varying technologies out there to compliment what you already do as a practitioners when it comes to mental health and wellness, but how effective are they, and is there something else that can achieve higher levels of efficacy and safety?  In this webinar you will hear live from the experts to show you how combining your current techniques with class 2a ‘TRUE’ non-thermal low level laser can accelerate pain relief and healing, thus increasing patient outcomes and overall quality of life, expanding your ability to practice at a higher level.    Register here:


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Julie Davies

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