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The Ulitmate FX635 Laser

Course Date

Start: 4th April 2022 @ 18:30pm
End: 4th April 2022 @ 19:30pm

Course Location

Online, England

Course Description

Join Dr. Silverman in this insightful 60-minute live presentation as he explores the process of implementing a streamlined successful FX laser system in your practice.
He will share laser protocols, proven case studies, and answer all questions. This webinar is ideal for practitioners who want to get the FX laser-edge in their community.

Program objectives:

• Integrate the new FX laser research and its clinical applicability.
• Explicate the FX laser applications and case studies.
• Optimize the usage of laser therapy through a hands-on demo.
• Summarize the foundational approach that uses a laser to manage pain and inflammation



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Chloe Renwick

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