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The Scientific Underpinning of Non-Thermal Lasers Seminar

Course Date

Start: 27th November 2020 @ 09:00am
End: 27th November 2020 @ 17:30pm

Course Location

Rove Dubai Marina Hotel
Al Seba Street, Dubai Marina, P O Box 119444, , Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates , United Arab Emirates


Course Description

About the Seminar

This NEW course of 6 lectures designed to explore the science underpinning the world of Non-thermal Low-Level Lasers and how they can be utilised in modern health care practice. As we age, our cell function changes, with that change comes inflammation, pain, ill health and many other conditions that conventional practice discounts as part of the lifestyle process. Built on a growing body of evidence, this program reviews the function of the mitochondria and its profound effect, along with other cells, on the system. Many clinical outcomes can be managed and improved using none-thermal low-level laser. Our bodies contain all we need for a happy healthy life, all we lack is energy, could this modality be the missing piece in the puzzle of life and health? Join Dr. Sullivan on a journey into Non-thermal Low-Level Laser and release the potential of the human body through the exploitation of a little light and a lot of science.

Presented by: Robert Sullivan, BSc (Hons) Podiatry, MSc Podiatric Surgery, POMS

About Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan, is a progressive podiatric surgeon. He thinks outside the box and encourages others to do the same when it comes to client care. He has greatly expanded his scope of practice over the last 25 years to include pharmacology, diabetes related conditions, fat cell management, non-thermal laser interventions. Emeritus Dean of Education to one of Europe’s leading Podiatry Institutes, Robert is a sought-after speaker in Europe, the Middle East and the USA.  An active researcher in the area of Non-Thermal Laser, his research includes, Onychomycosis, Diabetic peripheral neuropathy, pain, immunology and fat cell management.

09:00 – 5:30pm  (6 hrs Seminar plus lunch & breaks)

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