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The Royal College of Chiropractors – CPD EVENT – Raising Awareness of Dynamics of Domestic Abuse

Course Date

Start: 26th April 2023 @ 19:00pm
End: 26th April 2023 @ 20:00pm

Course Location

Online , England

Course Description


This event will be an interactive introduction to the dynamics of domestic abuse, and the role Chiropractors and their staff can play in identifying and responding to domestic abuse disclosures by
patients and colleagues. Like most health professionals, Chiropractors are likely find themselves in contact with people experiencing domestic abuse and a Chiropractor may be the person that a victim trusts to
disclose to. Lots of professionals don’t feel they have the knowledge or skills to broach these conversations, and this session aims to give attendees the basic skills and confidence to identify and respond
well to anyone who they suspect is experiencing abuse, or who discloses abuse.

In this session, we will tackle the following questions:
• What is domestic abuse? – Using the mentimeter app to bring participants into the conversation anonymously; breaking down different types of abuse and introducing statistics.
• How does domestic abuse work? To show what it is like for someone living with domestic abuse and why they may make decisions which from the outside seem counterintuitive.
• How do I respond to domestic abuse? a) Disclosures – what you can do when someone shares their experience, and b) Enquiring about abuse – when you may suspect there may be
abuse happening.
• What more can I do? – Drawing up domestic abuse policies, creating relationships and safe spaces. In order to fully participate (anonymously) in this event, please download the ‘Mentimeter’ app on your phone in advance.


  • Improved understanding of the dynamics of domestic abuse
  • Improved identification of domestic abuse in patients
  • Introduce considerations as to how to respond to domestic abuse disclosures
  • Introduce attendees to the value of a domestic abuse policy

SPEAKER – Gemma Gall

Gemma Gall is a qualified IDAA (Independent Domestic Abuse Advocate). She has a background in both academic study of domestic abuse, and in providing direct support and advocacy to
those experiencing domestic abuse. She now works to support people with lived experience to share their expertise to co-create better responses to domestic abuse.


Chair: Georgina Beckett LRCC

RCC Members participate free of charge. Refer to your email or contact to register with your full name and email address.

Non-Members: £35. Please register and pay online here

Registration closes: Wednesday 26th April 2023, 5pm


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Jackie Leitch

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