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The Brain Stem

Course Date

Start: 1st July 2021
End: 1st July 2022

Course Location

anywhere, any town, any state, The Netherlands

Course Description

The Brain Stem- online

The Brain Stem is the ‘conductor’ of the symphony of life- as it regulates our autonomic nervous system including heart rate, digestion, respiration and all vital organs.  The communication between the cerebral cortex and spinal cord via the brain stem cranial nuclei will be explored in great detail.  This module is one of our ‘Essential Series’ and will provide the basis for other Brain & Neuroplasticity courses.  We will go thru the cranial nerves and refresh how to diagnose imbalances in the system and provide insights as how chiropractors can influence the core of the brain stem using functional neurologic and manipulative applications.  Furthermore, we will introduce the concept of ‘hemisphericity’ and how this relates to the bran-brain stem-spinal cord axis in the regulation of posture, balance, and control of the autonomic nervous system.  Various clinical cases will demonstrate the diagnosis and treatment of disturbances of the brain stem, using manual techniques and neurological rehabilitation strategies. The functional neurologic components will be covered in an easy and understandable way.  This 4 CPD module can be taken independently of the other modules in the ‘Essential Series’ and provide you with deeper insight into the clinical usefulness of examining the cranial nerves.  Topics include:

  • Embryology of the Brain Stem
  • Cranial Nerves
  • Hemisphericity concept
  • Vestibulospinal control of intrinsic spinal musculature
  • Optokinetic testing
  • Brain Stem stimulation/inhibition
  • Autonomic controls
  • Blind spot mapping


Take the 30 question quiz at the end and send the registrar a screenshot of your score (>85 %) to receive a receipt for 4 CPD’s.

Speakers: Tom Claykens and Jeroen Pastma


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Jeroen Postma

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