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Technique Series 2019: Upper Extremities Adjusting with Dr. Atle Torstensen

Course Date

Start: 9th February 2019 @ 08:00am
End: 10th February 2019 @ 17:00pm

Course Location

Premises of the Swiss Academy of Chiropractic
Sulgenauweg 38, Bern, Switzerland, Switzerland


Course Description

Dr. Atle Torstensen will teach upper extremity adjusting in this in depth 2 day course in Bern!

Dr. Atle Torstensen and Dr. Atle Aare are both Graduates of the Palmer College of Chiropractic Davenport. They have been studying the Gonstead System and Adjusting of extremities under the influence of Dr. Malley and other great chiropractors. They have been continuing to teach and further the profession by spreading the  knowledge they have gathered to other chiropractors in Europe and America. They will teach adjustments of the upper extremities, focusing on Shoulders, Elbows and Hands, including soft tissue Technik and manipulation approaches. The seminar is open to students, assistants and chiropractors from Europe and America.

We would like to draw your attention to the special conditions for overnight stays in the hotels Ambassador and Hotel City. Please mention “Schweizerische Chiropraktoren Gesellschaft” as a reference when booking in any of the mentioned hotels.

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Dr. Johanna McChurch

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