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Technique Series 2019: Pediatric Care Seminar Series Part II

Course Date

Start: 5th April 2019 @ 08:00am
End: 6th April 2019 @ 18:00pm

Course Location

Premises of the Swiss Academy of Chiropractic
Sulgenauweg 38, Bern, Switzerland


Course Description

Dr. Mette Hobaek Siegenthaler
Chiropractor SCG/ECU
Master in Advanced Health/Chiropractic Pediatrics

This course on the pediatric patient is designed for chiropractors showing an interest in the pediatric patient of all ages, but need more knowledge and hands on skills. The seminar will cover the normal neuromotoric development, including its normal variants and common pathological findings, from birth to the end of puberty. An examination form designed for chiropractors in private practice will be presented. Furthermore, the seminar will teach you how to assess abnormal from normal function of the neuromotoric development and how to apply therapy, especially chiropractic treatment, for different diseases / dysfunctions. From the participations active involvement is expected, like bringing cases from their practice.

A baby-doll for Hands on must be brought


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Dr. Johanna McChurch

Course Contact Email