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RPW Shockwave an Introduction

Course Date

Start: 27th July 2019 @ 09:00am
End: 27th July 2019 @ 16:00pm

Course Location

AECC University College
13-15 Parkwood Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, England


Course Description

During the workshop we cover a brief history of shockwave and look at what they are and how they work. We will then move on to see how this technology can be used to treat groups of injuries and specific cases. There will be a practical element to the course, allowing you to get hands on with the equipment. This will allow you to see hear and feel how shockwave treatments are done and get to grips with clinical application of shockwave and
best practice.

Cliff Eaton has spent his career working in professional sport at an elite level. He has been published in internationally recognised journals on sport specific rehabilitation. Cliff believes in three core skills advocated by the CSP: Manual Therapy, Exercise Therapy and Electrotherapy, combined to provide the best
care management for patients. “There is a current trend to promote a ‘hands on only’ approach to physical
therapy these days” Cliff says. “Many Physical therapists I have spoken to cite lack of understanding or the lack of evidence to support the efficacy in using electrotherapy”, he continued. “Due to the reduced emphasis placed on electrotherapy at undergraduate level for physiotherapists, the former may be understandable, human nature being what it is; it will be understandable that newly qualified physiotherapists will be anxious about using electrotherapy”. Cliff adds, “A lack of evidence there is not. There is, however, a lack of awareness and understanding of the relevant literature, and this is what we wish to promote on this course, combined with a large practical element. In this way we aim to ensure the therapists feel confident in using electrotherapy
within their treatment paradigms”


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Carleen Coombes

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