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Royal College of Chiropractors CPD Event – Role of imaging in the diagnosis and management of muscle injuries in sport

Course Date

Start: 23rd February 2022 @ 21:00pm
End: 23rd February 2022 @ 20:00pm

Course Location

Online, Reading, England


Course Description


It is important to understand the anatomy of muscle injuries to undertake an accurate and safe ‘return to play’ decision making process. Early and accurate diagnosis is key for the correct management of every muscle injury. We can use ultrasound scanning and MRI, but it is really important to understand when we need ultrasound, when we need MRI and when we need both of them. In this session we’re going to explore the role of these imaging tests in the diagnosis and management of muscle injuries.


  • Understand that muscle injuries should not be standardised, either by muscular group or even within the same muscle.
  • Understand that the best prognostic factor, and what gives us more information, is the exact location of the muscle injury and the structures that are affected inside it.
  • Understand the importance of the myoconnective architecture, especially regarding the prognosis of the injury.
  • Understand that the more connective tissue that is affected, the worse the prognosis.
  • Understand that, based on a precise diagnosis, athletes with muscle injury and associated connective tissue lesions should be treated with specifically-tailored methods.

SPEAKER – Carles Pedret

Carles graduated from the Universitat de Barcelona, specialising in Sports Medicine. He received his PhD in Medicine and Surgery from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. His main focus is the diagnosis, treatment and return to play process with respect to muscle and tendon injuries, especially ultrasound diagnosis and ultrasound-guided procedures. He is involved in researching the diagnosis and topography of muscle injuries and the pathophysiology of the tendon. Carles has collaborated as an external advisor to multiple professional teams (19 this year) of the English Premier League and Championship, Italian Serie A,
Spanish Liga Santander and Liga 1 2 3, China SuperLeague, Belgium Pro League and German Bundesliga (football), and the Spanish ACB basketball teams and NBA teams. He is also an advisor to the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation.


RCC Members participate free of charge. Refer to your email or contact to register with your full name and email address.

Non-Members: £35. Please register and pay online here

Registration closes: Wednesday 23rd February 2022, 5pm


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Jackie Leitch

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