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Royal College of Chiropractors CPD Event – Masterson Method of Bodywork for Horses with Susanne Frank

Course Date

Start: 30th March 2021 @ 19:00pm
End: 30th March 2021 @ 20:00pm

Course Location

Henley on Thames , Reading, England


Course Description

Webinar Outline

This event will explore the Masterson Method including case studies and demonstrations.
• What is the Masterson Method and what does it achieve? What makes it different from other therapies/modalities?
• How does it interact with chiropractic care?
• The importance of teamwork (vets/practitioners/owners/riders/farriers/saddle fitters/trainers etc) and involving the rider/owner.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits to the horse.
  • Understanding of how enabling the horse to release tension can facilitate better results
  • Understand the importance of involving the rider in the whole process of improving the horses wellbeing.
  • Use people skills to create more effective teamwork thus making the rider more aware of how the horse can be enabled.

Speaker – Susanne Frank

Susanne has a degree in agriculture and a lifetime working with horses. She started her own livery yard in the mid 1980’s, eventually having 30 horses in her care: from thoroughbreds to cobs and everything in between. In this environment she had endless opportunities to observe different vets and practitioners at work and, importantly, to ride, teach and rehabilitate the horses being treated. This enabled Susanne to assess the results and ponder on the inter reaction of various modalities; to learn how to best help the horse and how to integrate her strengthening and suppling work with the treatments available. Susanne observed Masterson Method in use and was immediately drawn to this way of very softly working with the horses’ body language and responses to release tension throughout the body. This led her to training with Jim Masterson and becoming a practitioner in 2014.

RCC Members participate free of charge. Contact to register with your full name and email address.

Non-Members: £35. Please register and pay online here

Registration closes: Tuesday 30th March 2021 5pm.



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Course Contact Name

Jackie Leitch

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