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RBE 3: RBE In Action: The Cognitive System and the 10 rules of Plasticity

Course Date

Start: 17th January 2020 @ 09:00am
End: 19th January 2020 @ 15:00pm

Course Location

Oslo Norway
Vulkan, Maridalsveien 13A, 0175 Oslo, Norway, Norway

Course Description

Dr. Adam Klotzek

RBE3 dives into the motor and reflexogenic systems and introduces this concept through a hierarchical model, that applies to neurological function and dysfunction. Through understanding sensory-motor reflexes and the brain’s role in modifying those reflexes, participants will learn to enhance and optimize both involuntary (reflex) movement and intentional movement, utilizing ReceptorBased® procedures. Special attention will be placed on the assessment, intervention, and objective quantification of outcomes

  1. Introduce the concept of sensory-motor-reflex  interplay, and the motor hierarchy, as it pertains to the human development and performance continuum.

RBE3 is the introduction of the most important concept in neurorehabilitation: The 10 Principles of Plasticity. This concept requires the prerequisite that you have gained, in the mastery of anatomy and physiology related to ReceptorBased® assessments, and interventions (RBE 1 through 4). We will seamlessly weave the concepts, assessments, and applications into one clinical, hands-on, review course, that will also include sample care plans, cognitive assessments, patient education, practice management, and marketing. This course is the mortar between the bricks of your foundation in CNS education, and can’t be missed.


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Rebecca Robillard

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