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RBE 2: Harnessing Receptor Systems in Therapy – Amsterdam

Course Date

Start: 19th January 2019 @ 09:00am
End: 20th January 2019 @ 15:00pm

Course Location

Park Hotel Amsterdam
Stadhouderskade 25,, Amsterdam, Netherlands, The Netherlands

1071 ZD

Course Description

Harnessing Receptor Systems was designed to build upon the concepts in RBE1 and empower a provider with strategies to optimize brain function and performance. By combining your expertise, with ReceptorBased® physiology, this module will provide you with the science, research, and training needed to begin implementing effective neurological applications and programs in your specialty.

Key Learning Objectives:

Provide the foundation of receptor-system anatomy and physiology and its integration and interpretation by the brain.
Bridge the delegate’s existing knowledge and experience with contemporary research of ReceptorBased® physiology to develop neurological applications.
Create, deliver, and evaluate the effectiveness of the ReceptorBased® applications on neurological function, performance, and quality of life.



Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Rebecca Robillard

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