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Paediatric Skull

Course Date

Start: 4th December 2020
End: 4th December 2021

Course Location

Online, England

Course Description

This course is aimed at those wanting to a firm grounding in their anatomical and developmental understanding of the Paediatric Skull. It is a must for those looking into cranial work.


The content is focused on five main areas

  • Sutures: We cover the basic function of a sutures, methods to tell a fracture from a suture, the locations of the skull sutures as well as their ossification timelines and clinical relevance
  • Fontanelles: We cover the function of the fontanelle as an entity, the locations of the skull fontanelles, their developmental trajectories and clinical relevance applicable to them
  • Bones: We introduce the various bones that constitute the skull , their locations and articulations
  • Foramina: We discuss the different foramina of the skull looking at location, contents and developmental trajectories.
  • Abnormalities: We discuss conditions such as: Microcephaly, Macrocephaly, Craniosynostosis, Positional Plagiocephaly

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Course Contact Name

Mike Marinus

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