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Pediatric Seminars Online and Practical Part – 13, 14 and 27 January

Course Date

Start: 13th January 2023
End: 27th January 2023

Course Location

Mette Hobaek Siegenthaler/ Swiss Academy of Chiropratic
Online - Sulgenauweg 38, Bern, Switzerland

Course Description

In this 8 hour Zoom Lecture and 7 hours’ practical workshop in Bern, l will present the
important information in evaluating and treating pediatric patients, 0 -1 – year-old. The
lecture is interactive with many case presentations.

Mette Hobaek Siegenthaler, DC, MSc

Friday 13th of January 2023 2pm-6pm
Saturday 14th of January 2023 9am-1pm:
Infant: normal and abnormal development inclusive developmental anatomy and developmental delay. Infant examination. Specific chiropractic examination. X-ray reading. Asymmetry, torticollis and plagiocephaly.

Practical Part at the Swiss Chiropractic Academy:
Friday 27th of January 2023 10pm-6pm
Infant: practical part with dolls (examination and treatment/technique). Case presentations (from me and you!) with discussions. Breastfeeding, tonge tie issues and infantile colic. Communication with infants and parents. Guide to children friendly practice.


Learning objectives/outcome:
1. Understanding the normal development in an infant and how to differentiate through clinical testing, between normal variants and pathology.
2. Give you tools to use for chiropractic examination and treatment in an infant.
3. More depth knowledge in specific conditions infants often present with in chiropractic clinics
4. Ability to decide when an infant needs to be sent further for different evaluation and/or treatment.
5. Use of this information in daily practice.

Credits: 8 credits for both on-line courses (4 credits each). 7 credits for practical workshop
Costs: CHF 300 for both online course (assistants CHF 250) CHF 300 for practical course in Bern (assistants CHF 250).
For participation in all 3 courses (which is recommended) CHF 500 (assistants CHF 450)

Please register before December 1 per e-mail to:
Looking hugely forward to this. I am positive it will be some fun days with lots of “take
homes” for practice
Sincerely yours
Mette Hobaek Siegenthaler

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Mette Hobaek Siegenthaler

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