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Pain Reset™

Course Date

Start: 1st August 2022
End: 31st July 2023

Course Location

Online Learning
Online Learning , United States of America

Course Description


What is Pain Reset™?

Pain Reset™ is a groundbreaking 4-day live program with an online component that includes hands on evidence-based, clinically proven training for treating chronic pain1. Pain Reset™ provides its learners with powerful, practical tools that pair the latest discoveries in Clinical Neuroscience and Biomechanics into an effective approach to treating patients with chronic pain. Pain Reset™ involves the synthesis of over 30 years of combined clinical experience in neurology, biomechanics, and rehabilitation.

What is Clinical Neuroscience?

Clinical Neuroscience is a branch of neuroscience that focuses on the scientific study of fundamental mechanisms that underlie diseases and disorders of the brain and central nervous system. It seeks to develop new ways of conceptualizing and diagnosing such disorders and developing novel applications to treat them.

The Pain Reset™ Difference- Neurology & Biomechanics Combined

What sets Pain Reset™ apart from other programs is the application of Clinical Neuroscience to any technique that one may utilize.  This allows the practitioner to truly create customized treatment plans based on a person’s unique biomechanics and neurology. The program considers how the brain and biomechanics influence pain. It teaches participants how to identify the brain regions and biomechanical faults involved in promoting pain and how to fix them.

A One of a Kind Program

No other program offers what we have put together for you.  If you wanted to learn everything that is taught in Pain Reset™ on your own, you would have to study Clinical Neuroscience for years in addition to assimilating information from dozens of seminars.

Pain Reset™ gives you the opportunity to short cut this educational journey and get to the part that matters most: Getting your patients out of pain.

We synthesized the information for you into an easily digestible format that is readily usable when you step back into your practice after the course.

You will understand pain and dysfunction from a neurological and biomechanical standpoint and know how to adapt therapies, so they address the underlying issue to better care for your patients.

Why Don’t all Therapies Work?

There is a reason why bird dogs and planks don’t work for everyone. The answer lies in the uniqueness of everyone’s nervous system i.e. not one person moves, or processes pain in the same way. Pain Reset™ teaches you fast/effective neurological and biomechanical assessments that will improve the effectiveness of any technique you are currently using.

Why The Carrick Institute?

The Carrick Institute has a 40-year history of providing evidence based clinical education in the field of neuroscience and neurology.  We specialize in translating complex information often found in neuroscience and neurology into an easily understandable format. This allows for accelerated learning and the development of novel applications that may be applied in a wide range of circumstances spanning the healthcare and athletic performance fields.  Our dedication to making all that we teach as simple and practical as possible promotes lifelong learning and inspires our global alumni to continue developing new and exciting clinical applications.

Thus, those who have a desire to learn from leaders in the field and become part of a community that focuses on support and encouragement will find a home at Carrick Institute.  We invite you to join our team and learn with us.

What You Will Learn

  1. Learn what pain is and how to educate your patients on their pain
  2. Eye exercises
  3. Vestibular therapy
  4. Sound therapy
  5. Brain based application of TENS & Galvanic nerve stimulation
  6. Neurologically based taping techniques
  7. Combing & other myofascial techniques
  8. Tissue compression techniques
  9. Brain-based joint manipulation strategies
  10. Active and passive rehabilitation strategies
  11. Neurological layering techniques
  12. Nerve tensioning & flossing techniques
  13. Neurological application of ice & heat
  14. Gait Analysis & Rehab

This is a learning-by-doing program.

This is not just a course on pain theory. It is a course full of hands on practicums that will re-enforce your learning, so you leave the weekend feeling confident in the new skills you have acquired.

What to do, when to do it and how much.

This is a course that will teach you what to do, when to do it and how much. It’s not the technique you are using that is not effective. It’s about using the right tool at the right time with the right dose for each patient.

Rebuilding Pain Free Movement

The Pain Reset™ program teaches you how to observe, deconstruct and reconstruct movement in order to achieve neurological and biomechanical integrity.



1: PainResetTM focuses on providing participants with Evidence-Based approaches to the treatment of chronic pain.  The evidence utilized in PainReset comes from 3 main sources:

  1. Research
  2. Clinical Experience
  3. Patient:
    1. Values
    2. Expectations
    3. Circumstances

At times the instructors may share with the participants throughout the lecture their own personal opinions and clinical observations involving their own patient experiences.  During those times every effort is made to distinguish those opinions from the Evidence-Based Paradigm.


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Rebecca Robillard

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