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Online Thrust of What We Do 2020

Course Date

Start: 17th September 2020
End: 31st December 2020

Course Location

Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX, United States of America


Course Description

Chiropractic in Historical Context, Bridging the Past to the Present.

Review of the history of modern neurology from 1871 until present with an emphasis on how 19th-century science influenced the work of D.D. Palmer. The course will then proceed to follow the evolution of modern neuroscience and chiropractic to the present day. The lecture will conclude with a review of the most recent research studies and a vision for how to apply them to practice.

Course Objective(s)
1. To understand the 19th-century theory of protoplasmic reticulum and its influence on
the theory of chiropractic.
2. To understand the historical context of the discovery of chiropractic and its progression
to modern times.
3. Provide a pragmatic approach to utilizing modern neuroscience in treating patients.
4. Provide an up-to-date review of the latest advances in chiropractic and neuroscience

Course Outline

1. Introduction; provide a historical construct of neuroscience in the late 19th and early
20th centuries. Review the early writings of DD and BJ Palmer. (10-15 min)
2. Relate the discovery of modern neuroscience and its implications in clinical practice. (10-15 min)
3. Share opportunities for changing the way we think about clinical neurology and how we
can apply this to our clinical practice. (10-15 min)
4. Bring the lecture to a logical conclusion tying the historical context of the 19th century to
modern practice and conclude with a brief review of the landmark research publications
from the past 18 months. Finally, the doctors will hear how to apply this knowledge to
their clinical practices.(10 -15 min)

Speaker: William Morgan

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Course Contact Name

William Smith

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