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Online The Global Burden of Disease and Disability 2021

Course Date

Start: 1st January 2021
End: 31st December 2021

Course Location

Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Lane, Dalls, Texas, United States of America


Course Description

Throughout the life span different musculoskeletal issues affect the quality of our life. No one wants to live a long life with the burden of disability. What can be done to improve function at different stages of life?

Course Objectives:

To Understand:

  • How function is challenged at different stages of life
  • How to lower one’s risk of frailty and falls
  • Options for managing OA – & why it’s not a “wear & tear” syndrome
  • The conclusions from the Lancet expose on disabling back pain

Course Content:
• Functional Life Span Challenges (15 Mins)
• Frailty & Falls (15 Mins)
• Osteoarthritis – Knee, Hip, & Shoulder (15 Mins)
• Lower Back Pain/ Neck Pain (15 Mins)

Speaker: Craig Liebenson, DC

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Course Contact Name

William Smith

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