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Online The Biopsychosocial Model: Pain Management, Prevention, Quality of Life 2020

Course Date

Start: 1st January 2021
End: 31st December 2021

Course Location

Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Lane, Dalls, Texas, United States of America


Course Description

This course will explain and define the current language of healthcare, which is Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and where chiropractic and improving quality of life fit. This course will also introduce the scientific perspective of a Biopsychosocial Healthcare Model. We will use the Biopsychosocial Healthcare Model and scientific fundamentals to develop an understanding of how we experience pain and how we, as healthcare professionals, can manage pain, prevent pain and improve quality of life.

Course Objectives:
• Define and understand Evidence-Based Practice (EPB), it’s components, and what it means to healthcare.
• Define the Biopsychosocial Healthcare Model
• Introduce Engel’s Hierarchy of Natural Systems and understand its relationship to adaptability
• Define homeostasis from a normal and abnormal physiological perspective
• Understand the General Adaption Syndrome and the stages of adaptability
• Define stress and its role in normal physiology
• Discuss neuroendocrinology and adaptability
• Understand the pain perception
• Discuss The Gate Theory and Neuromatrix Pain models
• Understand the role of the chiropractor in pain management, pain prevention and improved quality of life

Speaker: Derrell Blackburn, DC

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William Smith

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