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Online Complex Systems Theory and Problem Solving 2021

Course Date

Start: 1st January 2021
End: 31st December 2021

Course Location

Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Lane, Dalls, Texas, United States of America


Course Description

Musculoskeletal pain is multi-factorial. Uni-variate approaches don’t lead to sustainable solutions for complex problems. What are the principles upon which an agile approach is based? Learn the roles of under-preparation and over-protection in rehabilitation of the locomotor system.

Course Objectives:

To Understand:

· Why prediction of risk is a loser’s gamut

· How to use the scientific framework to become more agile with uncertainty

· Four scalable principles for managing musculoskeletal pain

· How self-efficacy and giving people a positive experience with movement modulate over-protection and under-preparation

· How social-environmental factors are the solution to the pain science/biomechanics dichotomy

· How to prepare people so their current capacity builds up above the demands of their lifestyle

Speaker: Craig Liebenson, DC

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William Smith

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