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Online Case Management 2021

Course Date

Start: 1st January 2021
End: 31st December 2021

Course Location

Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Lane, Dalls, Texas, United States of America


Course Description

How to identify not just what someone expects, but what their deeper purpose is the clinical encounter. From the needs analysis to key performance indicators, how to bridge the gap from current capacity shortfalls to required capacities.

Speaker: Craig Liebenson, DC

Course Objectives:

To Understand:

  • The role of the history in the Needs Analysis
  • How distinguishing expectations vs goals motivates patients
  • Functional test menu for identifying current capacity shortfalls
  • The limitations of the VAS/NRS – is pain tolerance more important than pain severity?
  • How the clinical audit process works

Course Content:
• Needs Analysis & Demands Assessment/ Expectations Vs. Goals (15 Mins)
• Identification of Required and Current Capacities (15 Mins)
• Rehabilitation: “Training when Injured or in Pain” (15 Mins)
• Live Case Demonstrations (15 Mins)

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William Smith

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