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Online Basic Neurology and Structural Patterns of the Lower Extremity 2021

Course Date

Start: 1st January 2021
End: 31st December 2021

Course Location

Parker University
Online, Dallas, TX, United States of America

Course Description

Course Description
This one hour webinar will discuss the basic neurology of joint function along with the effects of the chiropractic adjustment on pain and the autonomic nervous system. This will be followed by the common spinal and lower extremity structural patterns found in the typical adult.
Learning Objectives
• Understand and explain the concept of the kinetic chain.
• Understand and explain the basic joint neurophysiology of the chiropractic adjustment in any lower extremity joint.
• Understand and define the structural pattern of the navicular, cuboid, cuneiforms, metatarsal heads, talus, calcaneus, and the fibula in a pronated foot.

Speaker: Mark Charrette DC

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William Smith

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