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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Course Part 2

Course Date

Start: 6th April 2019 @ 09:30am
End: 7th April 2019 @ 17:00pm

Course Location

AECC University College
13-15 Parkwood Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, England


Course Description

This course is suitable for all healthcare professionals who have attended Jo Blakeley’s NLP Foundation course or have a basic knowledge and understanding of NLP gained from other sources. To attend this course, you must know what sensory acuity is and be able to use it to calibrate change in others,  you must be able to mirror others with your body language, voice and words in order to build rapport, and you must be able to use eye accessing cues to determine another person’s thinking strategies. Without these key skills, you will struggle to practise any of the more advanced techniques taught on this course.


If you already have a basic understanding* of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and are interested in developing your knowledge further, then this course is for you! Whether you have acquired your skills from my NLP Foundation course or from other sources, this course will enable you to apply your current skills to more advanced techniques which will take your NLP understanding to the next level, and enable you to feel more confident in using it personally and professionally.


By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Know how to resolve internal conflicts
  • Find solutions to any problem
  • Create more resourceful states for themselves and others
  • Change their perspective on problems
  • Understand the inner workings of the mind
  • Identify levels of personal challenges and how to re-align them
  • Change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs


Monday morning you will be able to:

  • Explain the prime directives of the unconscious mind
  • Anchor yourself and others into resourceful states
  • Change your own and others’ beliefs
  • Identify at which Logical Level a problem exists and how to change it
  • Resolve negative personal relationships
  • Detect internal conflict and resolve it
  • Practice the techniques with confidence


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Carleen Coombes

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