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Motion Palpation Institute – The Disc

Course Date

Start: 28th July 2018 @ 09:30am
End: 29th July 2018 @ 13:00pm

Course Location

AECC University College
Parkwood Campus, Parkwood Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, England


Course Description

This seminarĀ is aimed at improving and adding to the clinician’s assessment and treatment tools while not losing site of the foundation of our profession, the adjustment. This class is intended to help you treat previously difficult conditions, as well as give you another avenue for building your dream practice.


The disc has been a source of contention since the beginning of manual therapy. We have learned that the disc can be the pain generator in many of our patients. We also know that the disc does not need to be sitting on a nerve root to create spine related pain or extremity symptoms. With internal disc derangement, there is often a chemical component, not just a mechanical cause. The outer layers of the disc are highly innervated, so when the disc nucleus makes its way to the outer layers, pain can follow – discogenic pain. How can you sort your way through the various disc related scenarios? MPI is proud to present our Masters Series Disc course. Developing your ability to classify disc related pain, and then help the patient with specific protocols that include conservative chiropractic care and rehabilitation leads to clinical and practice success. This is not a decompression traction course. Often the disc herniation will be the symptomatic reason the patient comes to see you, but the underlying cause of the disc herniation may be found somewhere outside the area of disc insult. MPI has long prided itself on establishing the weak link in the kinetic chain through palpation and functional testing. This course promises to be a gem.




Corey Campbell, DC earned his undergraduate degree in Human Biology from Chadron State College where he was a two-time Academic All-American in football. He graduated cum laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City in 2003.

Dr. Campbell currently is in private practice in Omaha, Nebraska. He has completed the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Diplomate and holds a level 1 certification. He also teaches for the Rehabiliation Diplomate through National University of Health Sciences. His training has taken him all over the U.S. and the Czech Republic where he trained with some of the best manual therapists and doctors in the world. Dr. Campbell is a member of the MPI Board and has taught all to doctors and students all over the US, Canada, Europe, and South America.

He hopes that his love for teaching and patient care inspires and motivates students and doctors alike to seek a clinically integrated approach to chiropractic care.


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Carleen Coombes

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