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Motion Palpation Institute | Integration UPPER (online course)

Course Date

Start: 28th December 2020
End: 28th December 2020

Course Location

Online, The Netherlands

Course Description

By Dr. Corey Campbell


The purpose of this program is to prepare chiropractors to utilize static and dynamic palpation assessments of spinal joints and surrounding soft tissues, posture and functional testing as part of a thorough examination. Emphasis will be placed on the interpretation of the assessment findings and how to correlate this information with other historical and examination data. Treatment options in the form of diversified adjustive procedures and rehabilitation methods of the cervical spine, CT junction,  shoulder and upper extremity will be discussed and demonstrated.


By the end of the program, the attendee will be able to:

  • understand the fundamentals of joint complex dysfunction
  • perform static and dynamic joint assessments including palpation of the surrounding soft tissues of the cervical spine, CT junction,  shoulder and upper extremity
  • understand how to perform and interpret the findings of functional movement tests of the cervical and thoracic spine and upper extremity
  • understand how posture impacts joint complex dysfunction and pain syndromes
  • understand the indications and contraindications of utilizing various adjustive and rehabilitation procedures for the ccervical spine, CT junction,  shoulder and upper extremity regions.

Delegates are required to complete a 8 question MCQ style assessment upon completion of the course in order to obtain CPD hours and a certificate


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