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Module 715B: Brain-Based Adjusting II

Course Date

Start: 19th November 2022 @ 09:00am
End: 20th November 2022 @ 15:00pm

Course Location

Oslo, Norway
TBA, Norway

Course Description

Advanced Concepts on a Brain-Based Approach to Joint Manipulation

This second class in the series takes and expands upon the concepts introduced in Brain-Based Adjusting 1. Learners will learn new adjustments with a focus on the patterning of these adjustments to treat more specific areas of neurological decompensation.

Topics Covered

Patterned adjusting approaches will be reviewed for the following areas:

  • Patterned extremity and spinal adjustments for hemisphericity
  • Patterned extremity and spinal adjustments for cerebellar decompensation
  • Patterns for Vestibular dysfunction including horizontal, posterior, and anterior canal hypofunction
  • Otolithic Targeting Adjustments
  • Adjusting for Frontal Plane Asymmetry and Its relationship to Hemisphericity
  • Adjusting patterns for different postural sway directions

Coupled Reductions

  • C1 to T1/1st rib for dysautonomia
  • Sternoclavicular to Coupled Cervical
  • TMJ LAE to Occ/C1 Extension
  • Lower SI joint to Crossed Upper Si Joint.
  • Si Flexion to Ipsilateral L5/S1 lateral flexion

Specialty Adjustments:

  • Pubic synthesis
  • Standing Thoracic P-A adjustments
  • Meningeal Release

A significant portion of time will be devoted to “hands on” applications.  This a learn by doing program and will involve covering areas of the neurological examine as well as adjustive procedures.  Emphasis will be placed on discussions surrounding the most appropriate adjustment to the neurological findings observed.

Learners will be taught when to apply each adjustment and pattern as well as how to modify each adjustment thus increasing its effectiveness to a neurological level of compensation.


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Rebecca Robillard

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