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Mechanics @ work: a 2-day symposium for chiropractors and podiatrists

Course Date

Start: 9th February 2018 @ 09:00am
End: 10th February 2018 @ 18:00pm

Course Location

Parker Hotel Brussels Airport,
Bessenveldstraat 15, 1831 Diegem , Brussels airport, Belgium


Course Description

Friday 9th February

David Leaf, DC, DIBAK: chiropractor (USA)

David Leaf has been chairman of the USA applied kinesiology chapter for 14 years and is now the chair of AK- teachers. He has lectured in United States, Canada, Europe, Australia on the application of muscle testing for different disorders. In the past 30 years he has treated Olympic athletes, world champions and professional players in the NFL, NBA and NHL and was on the medical staff of A.C. Milan of the Italian soccer league. He is one of the best integrated practitioners and muscle testers in the country utilizing a highly innovative treat- ment combination consisting of structural and chemical protocols to fix complicated disorders. He has amassed an incredible wealth of information and resources through his practice and on-going research.

Biomechanical analysis of gait and dysfunction in relation with its neuromuscular control. The role of a chiropractor in detecting and correcting. The controversy around orthoses and its different schools of thought. The common ground for chiropractors and podiatrists.

Saturday 10th February

David Dunning, DipPodMed, MSc, FCPM, FFPM, RCPSGlasg: podiatrist (UK)
David Dunning is Senior Lecturer (part time) at Staffordshire University. He is a podiatrist with a special

interest in clinical biomechanics and human movement.

-the relationship between foot orthoses and dental appliances (45 min):
Presentation and update of the publication on the temporomandibular joint and its postural relationship including ascending and descending problems.
-management of sports related lower limb dysfunctions from a podiatric perspective (3hrs):
The role of podiatry in a modern sporting context touching on the causes of injury, injury prevention and the role of the medical team as a whole. How podiatry can help in the management of injuries with reference to the mechanism of injury and when to refer to other health professionals.

LOCATION: Parker Hotel Brussels Airport, Bessenveldstraat 15, 1831 Diegem


1 day
Friday 9/02 OR Saturday 10/02/2017

2 days
Friday 9/02 AND Saturday 10/02/2017 (Early Bird till 1/1/2018)


€ 199

€ 395 (€ 355)


€ 139

€ 300 (€ 285)


Please transfer the amount to the following account: ASSOCIATION BELGE DES CHIROPRACTORS
Paul Hymanslaan 109, 1200 Brussel
KBC: 413-4257881-26

IBAN : BE59 4134 2578 8126 BIC : KREDBEBB

Message: “Your Name – Mechanics at work – dates you will attend”. You will receive a payment certificate by e-mail.

Cancellation policy: You need to cancel by written notice. The date of the stamp or sent date by E-mail counts as date. If you cancel more than 6 weeks before the event € 20 will be subtracted for administration costs. Up to 2 weeks before the event 50% of the fee will be refunded. If you cancel within 2 weeks of the event, there will be no refund possible.

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Tom Michielsen

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