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Manual Muscle Testing

Course Date

Start: 6th May 2023 @ 09:00am
End: 7th May 2023 @ 14:00pm

Course Location

Van Der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport
Culliganlaan 4, Brussels (Machelen), Belgium


Course Description

As a sports chiropractor of nearly 3 decades and still involved at the highest level, Ulrik will present a 2 day course on the tools that he has found the most useful throughout his career. With a basis in manual muscle testing, he is used to demonstrating both to himself and his athletes the immediate changes in strength, ROM and pain with manual treatments. This focuses on performance and control and has been his most useful way of showing the value of manual treatment to his colleagues in the sports medical teams.

The testing is not Applied Kinesiology but has a focus on neurological control of muscle recruitment. It gives a great way of uncovering hidden overload issues in our patients and gives emphasises the notion that uninjured doesn’t mean optimum performance.

If you’re a chiropractor in sports or interested in adding some very useful skills to your toolbox, then this course will leave you with a new insight into your Monday morning patients. And not just your athletes!

After this seminar you’ll be able to:

  • Immediately show the effect of your treatment
  • Hugely increase patient compliance by showing immediate functional change
  • Get clues to help you find those difficult underlying problems – not just treat compensations
  • Screen asymptomatic patients and athletes and show them why they are seeing you for preventative care
  • Help in preventing injury and optimise sporting performance
  • Presenting a model of patient management focused on maintaining your patient’s adaptive range and patient led outcome goals

Dates & Schedule

Saturday 6 May
08.30 – 9.00         Registration
09.00 – 17.00       Seminar

Sunday 7 May     
09.00 – 14.00       Seminar

A lunch buffet and coffee breaks including refreshments will be provided.

CPD Points

12 CPD points are awarded for this seminar by the European Academy of Chiropractic.


Ulrik Sandstrøm

Ulrik Sandstrøm is in his 3rd season as 1st team chiropractor to Leicester City Football Club and spent 12 seasons as 1st team chiropractor at Leicester Tigers Rugby Club prior to this.

He has worked with a large range of elite athletes and clubs over 25 years and was part of the medical team at the London 2012 Olympic Games as well as chiropractic clinical lead at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

He is in high demand as an international lecturer delivering keynote presentations as well as practical workshops. Apart from his many sports and lecture commitments he runs private practices in Sheffield and Mansfield.


This seminar takes place at:

Van Der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport
Culliganlaan 4
1831 Machelen
Tel +3222772000


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Chiro Clique

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