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LGBTQ+ Healthcare: Key Considerations for Clinicians

Course Date

Start: 28th February 2023
End: 28th September 2032

Course Location

Online, England

Course Description

Online, self-directed learning on LGBTQ+ Healthcare.

Lack of understanding of the health needs of LGBTQ+ people is hindering access to healthcare for this demographic, worsening pre-existing health inequalities which are recognised as a global issue. This course aims to provide an overview of the specific health needs and challenges that we as practitioners need to familiarise ourselves with in order to support our LGBTQ+ patients effectively, incorporating best-practice care for these patients, clinical considerations, practice-based inclusivity standards and more. This course has been written and developed by queer and gender non-conforming healthcare practitioners, utilising real-world experiences from LGBTQ+ patients. The course includes interactive quizzes with a minimum 80% score to progress through the course, which helps to consolidate learning and verify participation. Upon completion, participants receive a CPD certificate as evidence of attendance.

Learning objectives:

  • Best practice recommendations for healthcare practitioners to meet their professional competencies in providing care to LGBTQ+ people
  • Develop an understanding of trauma on the developing brain, how this impacts long-term health trajectories and its relationship to the biopsychosocial model of care
  • Understand how to elicit sensitive clinical information in the case history in an affirmative and empathetic way, including pregnancy and chestfeeding, screening for patient safety, and LGBTQ+ specific concerns
  • Develop an understanding of pathologies which may present in this demographic, their impact on clinical care and how this can impact a plan of management
  • Understand the impact of LGBTQ+ specific gender-expression activities and their relationship to pain patterns, clinical presentations, and hands-on care
  • Understand the types, nature, and impact of hormone therapies and surgical interventions on the body, how these impact our considerations as clinicians, and key knowledge for practitioner safeguarding
  • Guidelines for creating an inclusive and affirming practice including inclusive intake forms and the wider clinical environment
  • Guidance on the importance of communication and consent in the context of LGBTQ+ specific healthcare
  • … and much more!


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Philippa Oakley

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