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Introduction to Evidence Based Approach to Dizziness, Headache and Neck Pain. Case studies.

Course Date

Start: 2nd May 2020 @ 17:00pm
End: 2nd May 2020 @ 19:00pm

Course Location

Associazione Italiana Chiropratici
VIa Margutta, 54, Roma, Italy, Italy


Course Description

Webinar only for AIC Members

Dizziness, headaches, and neck pain are common complaints chiropractors see on a daily basis. Chiropractors are a profession society generally views as being able to manage back pain from a musculoskeletal perspective. However, research suggests that the brain is a multimodal entity which combines proprioceptive information, vestibular information, and visual information in order to allow appropriate processing.

This lecture is designed to introduce and expand on the neurophysiology of dizziness, neck pain, and headaches, and how for many patients there is a common underlying dysfunction. A review of literature relating to the neurological effects of a chiropractic adjustment will be reviewed, as well as possible directions for future chiropractic research. An understanding of how the proprioceptive system, vestibular system, and visual system communicate, and the functional consequences of disorders of these systems will be emphasised. Real patient-cases will be reviewed to demonstrate how a chiropractor can incorporate the information presented in his practice with no additional equipment.

Dr. David Jay Traster, D.C.

Licensed chiropractor with a Master’s Degree in Sports Health Science. Assistant professor for the Carrick Institute for graduate studies in Clinical Neuroscience. Dr. Traster lectures around the world on translating clinical research into clinical practice for the appropriate management of neurological conditions such as concussions, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, dizziness, balance/gait disorders, chronic pain, and childhood developmental disorders. Dr. Traster also speaks on how to improve human performance in athletics, academics, and in corporate jobs by better understanding the brain. Dr. Traster has received a Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, as well as a Fellow in Brain Injury and Rehabilitation and Vestibular Rehabilitation by the American College of Functional Neurology. He is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician through the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Medicine. Certified practitioner in Applied Kinesiology through the International College of Applied Kinesiology. Certified personal trainer with specialties in performance enhancement and corrective enhancement through National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has been a co-author on over 55 case study publications in the journal of Frontiers Neurology relating to rehabilitation of neurological disorders.

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Associazione Italiana Chiropratici

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