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Nutrition: How to fix leaky gut and inflammation

Course Date

Start: 4th March 2023 @ 09:00am
End: 4th May 2023 @ 18:00pm

Course Location

Online, Online, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands

2316 XB

Course Description

In this module Jeroen Postma (chiropractor specialized in chiropractic functional neurology) teams up with top dietician Reineke Koldewijn-Erdbrink (specialized in gut flora and anti-inflammatory foods) to explain how to fix leaky gut and inflammation. During this 2-hour (2 CPD) module you will gain insights as to the role of vagal control and stimulation using a chiropractic approach, and practical tips and advice on how to fix leaky gut using anti-inflammatory foods, supplements and life style changes. You will be amazed at the useful information and insights you will gain during this webinar! See more details below:

Course presenters:

J. J. J. Postma

  • Jeroen Postma, owner of Chiropractie Leiden
  • Board certified chiropractic neurologist (DACNB)
  • Part-time neurology professor BCC (Barcelona College of Chiropractic)
  • Co-founder and head lecturer of post-graduate education platform Brain & Neuroplasticity

Reineke Koldewijn-Erdbrink

  • Reineke Koldewijn-Erdbrink, owner of Simply the Right Food
  • Registered dietician (RD) with a naturopathic approach and orthomolecular (gut flora) therapist.
  • Specialties: gut flora remodeling, hunter-gatherer diet, food intolerances, expert on the topic of ‘anti-inflammatory foods’
  • Proud to be part of Chiropractie Leiden

Covered Topics

  • Brain-Gut axis
  • Techniques for vagal stimulation
  • Symptoms and causes of leaky gut
  • How to fix leaky gut
  • Anti-inflammatory foods
  • Foods that support organ function
  • Components of autonomic nervous system
  • Intestinal inflammation
  • Neurologic regulation of vagal tone

Credits for continued education
2 credits CPD upon completion of post-webinar quiz (passing rate of 85% or higher)

Pre-recorded videos we advise to watch in conjunction to/preferably before the webinar:


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Jeroen Postma

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